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Isolation - Chapter 2 - Come One!
         Twilight eventually let her hoof lower from in front of her face as the sudden flash of light dulled. The fanfare faded as well, and Trixie apparently seemed satisfied with her intro. She had lowered back down to all four legs instead of balancing on her back two, and Twilight stared perplexed from the random exhibition a second ago. Did Trixie greet everypony this way, even when not on stage? She had a thing for theatrics, Twilight granted her that.
         Twilight's dubious expression was not lost on Trixie, who beamed haughtily. "Yes, Trixie does have that effect, Sparkles," Trixie sighed smugly, stroking her ego as much as her mane beneath her pointed hat. When she looked back to the purple unicorn and the dragon, however, their facial expressions had changed exponentially, their disbelief only vaguely continuing to show through their sudden looks of disgust. Twilight had both front hooves over her nose, her head low to the ground.
         "Yeah. You might want to do so
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Isolation - Chapter 1 - Who?
         "Spike? Spike?!"
         "I'm coming! I'm coming!" the purple dragon moaned as he descended the library staircase, doing nothing to hide his irritation.
         Spike and Twilight exchanged annoyed looks with each other before Spike gave a final inspection of the journey's cargo in case anything had been forgotten. The saddlebags were popped open and sifted through in a routinely fashion that spoke of years of experience.
         Twilight could not help but feel slightly proud while watching the baby dragon work. Indeed, Spike shared many of her organizational traits, and he had joked before it was his sheer adaptability to situations that made him capable of tolerating her sometimes. At least, Twilight thought he was joking. Spike turned to her and gave her a quick nod.
         "You're sure that's everything?" she said. "Nothing missing?"
         A slight measure of Spike's annoyance returned. "How much supplies do you need for a days visit to your brother?
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Blasphemer - Chapter 1
"Keep your mind in focus."
Despite his best efforts to heed the advice, Malum was aware only of his agonized physical being. Nothing was coherent within the haze, and Malum's hands seemed to be holding the very pain that danced across his nerves like so many sparks. A longing to let go became apparent.
"You're losing your hold!"
Helen, Malum's teacher, broke through the cloud which inhabited his mind, and Malum steadied his concentration. His eyes, which he had earlier squeezed shut under physical strain, opened to behold a flaming wall of fire. The edges of the inferno were pulling outwards, and Malum could feel these edges as they deviated further from the focal point of his casting. He capitalized on his newfound lucidity and the flames which danced across the air refocused their shape into a single, st
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Odyssey into 2012: Chapter 5 - Picking a Future
          A wide-span cityscape greeted Kaylin when the Light Train stopped. The metropolis stood as an empty vessel for mankind.
          Darus stepped through and she whirled around to face him. Her very mind was coiled to snuff out anything he threw at her.
          Anyone looking at him from the side would think of Darus as nothing more than a simple pedestrian in this city world, with his almost leisurely posture. However, Kaylin was planted in his direct path, and from her angle, his eyes locked hers in a stare that was anything but placid.
          "He'll use his words now," she thought to herself. "He always looked like that when he spoke."
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Odyssey into 2012: Chapter 2
          Tokyo was the destination. It was the only distinct feature of the place in her mind, and she needed to select it over dozens of other stops the train would make. The Light Train would give her one chance to choose correctly, and then it would be gone. Succeed or fail, this would be her first and last time aboard.
          The cabin she stood in had no other passengers. Bright coattails streaked the back of the car, and she realized she was at the rear of the train. The lack of feasibility of her trails seemed to be magnified in that one fact: she had only just caught this train.
          She made her way up through the train's cars, all of them also seemingly empty. Paranoia crept over her as she scanned over the many leather seats. Each housed a spectral audience member to her stage fright. An air of smugness pervaded t
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Above All
          Michael paced in his cell, anxiously searching for some form of escape. Despite his desperation for freedom, he kept his movements as quiet as he could manage, lest he wake the guards and alert them to his search. Stealing a glance in his paranoia, he was relieved to see that they still rested heavily in their slumber. Earlier, Michael had kept a profile of enervation until they had first begun to fall into sleep.
          The guards were normally more vigilant, if no less exhausted. During his earlier visits to the prison, Michael had seen them in far more alert states of mind. He supposed however their energies at those times had to do with his motives. He had been frequently visiting his clients, the imprisoned men of Society. He bore bad news to all of them, and delivered it in an appropriately formal tone, as was expected of him in his hierarchy position. Formal and imper
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          Wiping the blood from his face with a shred of his clothing, Cluentius pushed the gate open and crossed through. The dark woods stood before him and Cluentius knew that even though he was already outside the town's boundaries, he would still be jeered at until he was out of sight among the trees. His eyes crossed back through the gate momentarily to gaze back at the throng that had driven him out, it's foreman at the front. Cluentius hung his head away from Titus's gaze, for it burned with greater intensity than even the mob's torches.
          Cluentius had been sentenced to permanent exile in the surrounding forest, an ill-disguised death  sentence. If one was banished from the safety of town for the forest, they would surely be torn apart by it's beasts. The hamlet in the clearing housed the only sanctuary from the forest's creatures, the menacing trees of the woo
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This is one of the better dark pony pictures I have seen, and it leaves the necessary wrenching feeling in ones gut, both from the visc...

Okay, first lengthy critique I've done for this site. First and foremost, I'll explain the rather low originality score. It has nothing...



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